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New paths emerge
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Our main mission is to create serviced real estate projects that offer concrete living and working solutions. We are aligned with demographic trends as well as user and investment demands on the market. We focus on key target groups whose housing demands are set to increase in the future and whose wants and needs we understand best: students, singles, young families as well as senior citizens.

The basis for security in investment decisions.


We are committed to a holistic approach in consulting, development and utilization of user-oriented real estate projects and quality assurance. Our clients are key decision-makers on the market, such as land and property owners, investors, real estate project developers and builders, as well as municipalities and cities.


We examine real estate locations with the support of the latest high-quality market data. Based on the data we carefully research, we derive relevant conclusions and provide strong and clear first concept proposals.
In addition, we provide long-term support in the design, implementation and positioning of market-ready utilization concepts in the “residential” asset class for the aforementioned target groups. Our market and location analyses add further certainty to investment and operational decisions. Our experience shows that those who take a long-term approach to planning and conception, will win.

We are always looking ahead.


We have a well-trained eye and the necessary sensibility for the market developments that will determine the strategy of decision makers in the future. We think along with our clients and thus make a significant contribution in implementing successful real estate projects. Furthermore, we help connect potential project and cooperation partners. We act as a communications intermediary as well as a “think tank,” and point out relevant market trends to our clients.

Our utilization concepts are market-ready.

We produce meaningful and tangible foundations for decision-making and no more concepts destined for the drawer. In the cooperation with our clients, we are committed to discretion, reliability and utmost trustworthiness.

The key target groups.

Student Living
„The fascination of new beginnings“

This should also be reflected in the housing market: affordable and discounted with expanded common areas. A smaller and well-structured living space does not just stop at the entrance door. It also extends to common areas and spaces for communication, exchange and relevant services.

Modern Living
„Midlife living“

It's time to build a life and make a home: in a modern and flexible living space. Meeting the needs of singles and young families by creating flexible and affordable living space including open areas: that’s smart! Combining that solution with user-oriented services is even smarter.

Later Living
„Freedom through choice“

Independent living in barrier-free spaces and yet integrated into a community. The proportion of the population 65 years and older will strongly increase in the future. Suitable residential facilities with attractive basic and supplementary services are in high demand. When those communities are alive and thrive, then we are talking about success.

Mixed Living
„Young and old in synergy“

Multigenerational living is top of the line, building a bridge between generations through housing. A mix of different uses, such as the integration of kindergartens and geriatric care options among others, as well as architectural community zones create invaluable encounters and quality living space.

User centricity and flexibility, center stage.

We live in times of disruptive markets. It is time to bring smart and functionally integrated living and working solutions for students, singles, young families as well as seniors to the market. With quality, service and purpose. Flexibility is the key to success! For this generation and the ones to come.

Services in detail.

We begin by preparing market and location analyses as a basis for decision-making for prospective project implementations. We examine the market, the income and price levels, infrastructure conditions as well as competitive offers and define economically relevant success factors. Our market and location analyses can be extended individually, for example with trend studies.

Following a positive investment decision at the property, we support our clients in the conception of the project. Working in direct coordination with the commissioned architects, we assist in determining feasible project sizes, functional floor plans and integrated technologies as well as common areas. Even before planning the official submission of the project.

We design operating and support models tailored to the property and the needs of the target group. Next, we assist our clients in selecting and evaluating potential operator organizations for student, senior and intergenerational housing projects.

We provide clear recommendations for positioning your property and project. We develop brand positioning strategies including corporate design, brand name and logo design in direct consultation with our clients. Our goal is the creation of memorable and inspiring project brands that radiate beyond, to the surrounding environment. In doing so, we enjoy going for the unexpected!

We have mastered the instruments of marketing. Based on a fine-tuned positioning strategy, we design omnichannel marketing plans and media budget planning. We develop professional marketing documents in print, web and social media, including project visualizations and architectural photography. Upon request, we also handle the operative marketing of housing units.

Built over many years, our network enables us to greatly enhance and expand our services. This includes not only market and location analyses, but also consulting on planning as well as the creation of strong project and property brands. When bringing clients with our cooperation partners together, we always aim to achieve the perfect match as well as a smooth communication and coordination policy.

An excerpt of our references..

Strategic advantages to our clients.


We work with precision and closely together with our customers. We are always up to speed and think one step ahead. Together with our exclusive cooperation partners, RegioPlan Consulting GmbH and RegioData Research GmbH, as well as other selected network partners, we are able to pool resources and continuously expand our services.

One-stop services

We support our clients long-term, ranging from consulting and conception to marketing and utilization of real estate projects.

Knowledge databases

We tap into extensive market data to provide a sound basis for security and a head start in our customers’ investment and operational decisions.

Focus on target groups

Our thinking is market-driven: we empathize with target group, understand their needs and engage with them on a continuous basis. This deep understanding lays the foundation for sustainable living and working solutions.

Process acceleration

Thanks to efficient coordination and the reduction of internal interfaces, we are able to deliver market and location analyses while maintaining shorter turnaround times.

Quality and transparency

Our market and location analyses as well as recommendations for action regarding the conception and positioning of real estate projects are both of relevance, high quality as well as transparent.

Partner network

We know, as a team we are stronger. That is why we trust in our carefully selected and strong network of partners and continuously expand it.


Samantha Riepl, MA
Managing director


„I am committed to making an economic as well as a socio-political contribution through the development of market-relevant real estate projects. To this end, I draw on my consulting expertise, around 12 years of market experience, as well as a selected network of renowned cooperation partners. The added value of my work for decision-makers derives from my detailed knowledge of market and target group needs, from detecting and exploring future trends, and from solution- and goal-oriented consulting.“


„Due to my previous professional specialization, the consultancy deliberately focuses on the target groups set to gain in importance in the residential asset class: students, singles and young families as well as senior citizens. I am convinced that the exclusive cooperation with RegioPlan Consulting GmbH as well as RegioData Research GmbH will allow us to bundle knowledge and experience and realize a complete consulting service for the customer.”

In recent years, Samantha Riepl has held management positions at renowned real estate firms. She has deepened her valuable skills and experience in real estate consulting, development and marketing by attending relevant courses at renowned universities of applied sciences.

We rely on valuable connections.


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